The Ultimate Mountaineering Board Game!

Experience the thrill of climbing majestic mountains in PEAKS:
⛰️ Immersive Engine-Building
🌄 Stunning Artwork
🧗 Collaboratively Competitive
🥾 Designed for the explorer at heart

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A Visual Symphony of Peaks

Immerse yourself at the foothills of the tallest mountains with 100 beautifully hand-drawn illustrations from around the world. Each artwork is a masterpiece, capturing the essence of these majestic peaks and transporting you to breathtaking landscapes.

Feel the Adventure Together By Collaborating With Others!

The unique design of Peaks is due to a new Tag Along feature that provides playtime even when it's not your turn - adding a collaborative element. Gain skills and overcome challenges as you experience the thrill of a genuine mountaineering adventure.

Gameplay Snapshot

Request Aid From Those You Meet Along Your Journey

Peaks keeps you engaged with its interactive gameplay and Companion Cards. Cross paths with a Free Soloist or Climbing Consultant who can help you navigate the more challenging expeditions.

Instant Fun, Engine-Building Strategy

Jump into the action immediately with only three actions to choose from each turn - Rest, Prepare, Climb. The simplicity of Peaks' engine-building gameplay and simple win condition makes it accessible for everyone, while its layered strategy provides depth for repeated plays.

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